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A new model for legal service

Get personalized legal advice and help preparing your documents, all while keeping your legal fees down.

Change your perception of the legal process and start to think about lawyers differently. Our nation’s court system assumes that everybody has a lawyer to help them, when in reality many people can’t afford one. While it is true that you don’t need a lawyer and that you can try to do everything yourself, if you handle things completely on your own you run the risk of making serious mistakes.

Now there is an alternative approach that is being promoted by Judges and leading legal minds all across the country. Formally referred to as “Limited Scope Representation” (sort of like a la carte pricing at a restaurant) this model allows you to engage an attorney to perform services that you choose; which helps you to use legal services more efficiently and keeps costs manageable.

Estimated total legal costs in a family law case

  • Limited Scope Consulting

  • Full Legal Representation

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Types of family law


Divorce w/o children

Customers without children will need to pursue a divorce or legal separation and their case will mainly involve financial matters (property and support).

Divorce with children

Customers who are married with children will need to seek a resolution to custody and visitation in addition to resolving the financial matters.

Children w/o marriage

Customers who have children, but are not married, will only need to resolve issues of custody, visitation and child support.

Other domestic issues

Certain issues fall outside of the categories listed above and will need to be addressed on a case by case basis.

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Set fee pricing

Something for everyone

Regardless of the size of your case, most customers will need assistance in one area of their case at a time. We will assess your case and determine at what stage you need to get started and provide you with a corresponding set fee. The stages can be broken down as follows:

Step 1: Intake, Initial Filing & Assessment

 Step 2: Temporary Custody and/or Support Arrangements & completion of Financial Disclosures

 Step 3: Settlement Discussions/Negotiations

 Step 4: Judgment Forms and Execution of Final Orders

Clients pay based on the stage of their case. Flexible pricing is also available for a set number of consultations or for certain ongoing matters.

Cloud based document sharing

cloud_connected_devices.v2Nearly all requests that you will make in our case will involve filling out complicated legal forms that the State of California has asked you to complete. These forms are usually difficult to read and need multiple revisions before they become final.

We offer a better way to get these forms completed and filed with the court. We can help you to determine which forms need to be completed and can use a secure internet file sharing portal to get you started on the forms if you prefer to not get help with the forms in person.

Whether you want to do most of the entries yourself and have us review it or if you want us to get the document started for you to finish up, we have the flexibility to do either in this dynamic sharing platform.

The data entered in the forms and shared is encrypted using the same standard employed by banks to secure customer data. Plus, the data storage is secured using military grade security and surveillance.


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