How Family Law Works

Intake, Initial Filing and Assessment

At this stage, we do an initial overview of your case to see what areas need attention. After we assess your case, we will recommend the various approaches that you can take with your case while pointing out the legal pros/cons of each. We will also determine what initial court papers that need to completed and we help you to fill out, file and serve those documents in as quick of a timeframe as possible.

Temporary Custody and/or Support Arrangements & completion of Financial Disclosures

If you believe the you are owed child &/or spousal support or you are being asked to pay it, then we help you to determine the best way to make this request by filing court papers or by responding to papers that might have been served upon you.

When custody and visits with your child(ren) is in dispute, we help you to complete the forms necessary to put a schedule in place and set boundaries on what can be a contentious and ever-changing problem. We can also help you to respond to papers that you might have been given requesting a particular schedule and custody arrangement.

We also help you to complete the necessary financial documents that accompany the above requests and that also will need to be completed in order to finalize a divorce.

Settlement Discussions/Negotiations

Once you have exchanged financial documents in your divorce case, you may need help to assess, discuss and potentially negotiate the terms of a potential divorce settlement with your spouse. We will help you to figure out the best strategy to decide upon and settle your final divorce judgment without unnecessary court hearings.

Judgment Forms and Execution of Final Orders

Once you reach acceptable terms of your divorce settlement, we will help you to put those terms into a formal divorce judgment and to complete the additional forms and orders that need to accompany the divorce judgment. Once we are done with this stage, your divorce judgment will then be delivered to you in the mail and your divorce will be final.