Family Law Services

We offer personalized attorney guidance and document preparation assistance.

Personal and flexible legal advice

In many cases, it isn’t necessary to hire a lawyer to do every single thing in your case, you also have the option to hire an attorney just to get legal advice and guidance if that’s all you need. We provide you with the exact sort of help that you need and on your schedule. Since our lawyers are not always tied up in court, they are available to help you with legal questions at a time that works for you. Guidance can be provided over the phone, web-conference, in person and/or over email.


Most lawyers charge by the hour and you never know how much a project will cost. We don’t do it that way. After an initial assessment by an attorney, we help you determine what sort of help that you really need and give you a price estimate. We have broken down the stages of most family law cases into separate pricing categories. Call our office to see if your case fits our criteria.

Cloud based document sharing

You don’t need to go down to the courthouse to fill out forms or copy them from a self-help book. We have all the forms that you need and we work with you together to complete the forms over our secure internet portal, without ever needing to scan and send documents over email or print and physically sign anything.